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Minneapolis at
the Walker Art Center



Presented as part of The Walker Art Center's First Family Saturday program in February 2020. Over the course of a day, over 2300 people came through The NEST installation to explore, make and play.


Megan Flød Johnson

Facilitating Artist:

Emily Flod

Materials Used:

paracord, zip ties, wooden dowels, clothespins, maps, envelopes, plastic cast-off bits, stickers, fabric, keys, wood panels, found objects, sharpies, china markers. 

By Jess Kray Martin Photo

Exploring identities of the Creature

Families explored both character clues living in The NEST and clues made by other visitors. Suitcases held the Creature's collections, gathered from their migrating travels. Families are invited to explore materials in an unstructured process to create what they feel belongs in The NEST. Families created messages, Creature portraits, inventions, musical instruments, maps, advice to the Creature and info about Minneapolis they'd like someone new to know.

All photos by Jess Kray Martin Photo

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